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Welcome to G.N. Designs V2

: Bravi :
My name is Gega Nizharadze. I am a 37 year old Graphic / Web Designer from Tbilisi, Georgia. However, at this most auspicious of times my inspirational, bittersweet point from the side of Digital Art has become living in London, UK.

: G.N. Designs :
This website was coded using PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript and XML. The previous version was coded using XHTML (CSS + Javascript) and some DHTML techniques as well. This one is cleaner and really simple. IE and FireFox browsers at a minimum of 1024x768 resolutions are strongly recommended to view this website properly.

: Graphics :
All graphics and pictures you find on this website, were designed with the help of various tools, but most of them were designed using Adobe Photoshop.

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All fonts, stock images and other resources you find on this website, were downloaded from the various websites, that you can find under the "Links" box on the right.

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